Book Summary: Accelerate

  • Lead time
  • Deployment frequency
  • Meantime to restore(MTTR)
  • Change Fail percentage
  • Build quality in
  • Work in small batches
  • Simplify and automate repetitive work -
  • Relently pursue continuous improvement
  • Everyone is responsible
  • Make large-scale changes to the design of their system without the permission of somebody outside the team
  • Make large-scale changes to the design of their system without depending on other teams to make changes in their systems or creating significant work for other teams
  • Complete their work without communicating and coordinating with people outside their team.
  • Deploy and release their product or service on-demand, regardless of other services it depends upon.
  • Do most of their testing on-demand, without requiring an integrated test environment.
  • Perform deployments during normal business hours with negligible downtime.
  • Limit work in progress
  • Visual management
  • Feedback from production
  • Lightweight change approvals.
  • Gather & implement customer feedback
  • Team experimentation
  • Fostering a respectful, supportive work environment that emphasizes learning from failures rather than blaming
  • Communicating a strong sense of purpose
  • Investing in employee development
  • Asking employees what is preventing them from achieving their objectives and then fixing those things
  • Giving employees time, space, and resources to experiment and learn
  • Organizational culture- by creating a blame-free environment, striving to learn from failures, and communicating a shared sense of purpose.
  • Eliminating roadblocks
  • Creating an environment that supports experimentation, failure, and learning.
  • Vision
  • Inspirational communication
  • Intellectual stimulation
  • Supportive leadership
  • Personal recognition
  • Limiting work in progress. Stress to deliver incrementally rather than the batch mode.
  • Build quality by adding unit test automation tests and integrating them with build and deployment.
  • Integrate execution of unit tests, regression tests, and automation tests as part of every commit and build.
  • Build a culture where quality is everyone’s responsibility.
  • Increase test automation percentage for data pipeline jobs.
  • Invest in a platform that helps to build core products, that differentiator for our businesses.
  • Writing secure code and building applications rugged to security vulnerabilities.
  • Create opportunities and space to share team member knowledge and information — tech blogs, wiki pages, tech conference presentations.
  • Create a “yak” day to reduce technical debt.

Passionate about Machine Learning and Leadership.

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Lakshmi Doddi

Lakshmi Doddi

Passionate about Machine Learning and Leadership.

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