A Letter to My Five-Year-Old Son

Lakshmi Doddi
2 min readJun 21, 2020


To My Five-Year-Old Son,

The most beautiful sound I ever heard in my life was when I heard your heart-beat for the very first time, which was loud and strong and music to my ears. I can’t explain in words the intense emotion I felt on that day in that little doctor’s office. It was a truly wonderful feeling.

In the next few months, my heart filled with joy and happiness. I also felt the weight of your responsibility and a feeling that I was bearing a beautiful little soul. I started caring deeply about me, my thoughts, my feelings, my family, everyone around me, the planet; and I even started recycling sincerely :-). I noticed my “Whatever!” attitude melting away. I worried about everything and anything and mostly about your well-being. All I wished you to be a happy and healthy baby.

In those days, I could not stop smiling at people, even strangers. I used to feel so blissful and always smiling myself as if I had two glasses of wine. In contrast to what I heard or read, I was not having any nausea or mood swings except tiredness. I was worried about why I did not have any of those pregnancy symptoms I had heard or read. In hindsight, I believe your personality was rubbing off on me. As I thought you are indeed a happy and easy-going child.

As a five-year-old, you are creative, analytical, and kind. I am proud of you when your teacher told me that you tried to soothe a crying child in your classroom. I love your caring nature and above all I like your mischievousness. You don’t hesitate to smother me with kisses to avoid doing chores. I always think not to smile or laugh to avoid reinforcing these behaviors. I can’t help sometimes, or most of the time, to fall for your cuteness.

As a mother, I wish you all happiness and joy in the world; I can’t wait to see what kind of a boy or man you will become. I hope you will have bigger dreams and have the courage to follow them. I want you to turn into a boy and then a man who respects people and knows deep down we are all human, and that we are all equal.

Your name means “first ray of sun” or “new beginning.” You are a new beginning in our lives, and we would not want it any other way. Remember, You are loved by both sides of the family dearly.

Happy Birthday, Dear! Have a great year ahead!